When you attach heavy trays and towing loads to your tractor, often the linkages can become worn down and break. As a vital machinery part, quickly replacing this is a top priority for many tractor drivers. 

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At Eastman Parts, we look at the many different tractor 3-point linkages, tractor rear linkages, top links and all the other types of linkages for your tractor to find the best. 

Browse our range and find the perfect replacement to keep your operations going uninterrupted. We source our tractor linkages locally to get them to you anywhere in Australia. 

Types of Linkages

3-Point Linkage

Three-point linkages are a good standard of attaching implements to tractors that allow for a large range of movement. They consist of three arms that form a triangle: two lower arms (lift arms) and one upper arm (top link). 

This design allows for precise control over the attachment's height and angle. The tractor's hydraulics powers the lower arms and can be raised or lowered. At the same time, the adjustable top link controls the tilt so that you can get a precise angle for your farm machinery parts

2 Point Linkage

2-point linkages in agriculture are a system used to attach implements to a tractor or heavy-duty vehicle, consisting of two connection points, typically at the lower ends of the implement.

Unlike the three-point linkage, which has an additional upper central attachment point for greater control and lift, two-point linkages usually rely on a simpler mechanism with a fixed or floating position.

This system is less common than the three-point linkage and is often found on older tractor models– but it still allows for a decent range of movement. 

Drawbar Pins

Drawbar pins are a simple yet robust way to quickly connect tractors and large vehicles. In addition to quick attachment, drawbar pins can withstand significant weight, ensuring a secure connection during the rigours of farming. Buying them in bulk is a good idea to save money over the long term and to make sure you never run out. 

Top Links

Top links for agricultural vehicles are adjustable arms that connect the top of an implement to the tractor. They are a critical component of the three-point hitch system, including two lower lift arms. 

The top link is pivotal for controlling the tilt and angle of your tractor attachment, affecting its operational depth and efficiency. It can be mechanical, offering manual adjustment, or hydraulic, allowing for more precise control from the tractor's cab. 

Benefits of Upgrading Your Tractor Linkage

Upgrading your tractor linkage can significantly enhance your tractor's functionality and efficiency. Modern linkages often feature improved strength and durability, allowing for the use of heavier, more advanced implements over a longer period of time.  

An upgraded linkage may also offer a better range of motion and more precise control, improving your tractor movement and overall crop yields. You can't steer with a wonky linkage, after all.

Additionally, smart designs and advanced materials can reduce wear on both the tractor and implements, lowering maintenance costs. With the right tractor linkages, you can keep going for longer and worry less about maintenance (though this is still important). 

Maintenance Tips for Tractor Linkages

Maintaining tractor linkages involves regular inspections, lubrication, and adjustments. Check the linkage points for wear and damage, such as bent arms or worn pins, and replace parts as necessary. Lubricate all moving parts and pivot points to ensure a smooth operation, especially in harsh Australian weather conditions. 

At least once a month, it's a good idea to tighten any loose bolts and nuts. Adjust the tension and length of the top link and lift arms to ensure proper alignment. After attaching implements, double-check that all connections are secure. Following these steps can prolong the life of the linkages and maintain optimal tractor performance.

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