Farm Machinery Parts

At Eastman Parts, we've been sourcing and providing farm machinery parts for over 12 years. With numerous local suppliers all over Australia, we can find a specific machine part for whatever you need. 

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Machinery is an essential part of business for farming and agriculture. When you are running the operations of your farm, you want everything in working order. But as you probably know, conditions in Australia are harsh, and wear and tear on complex machinery parts is a common occurrence. 

That's why, when you need to make your repairs, don't take it down to a garage or buy a new one. Finding the spare part to replace is the cheapest way to keep your farm machinery going, and for longer at that. 

Read on to find out the best ways to maintain and repair your farm machinery with cost-effective spare parts. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Why You Should Maintain Your Farm Machinery

There are several reasons why you should maintain farm machinery. From improving your productivity to creating a safer work environment, our farm machinery parts are designed to keep the following in mind: 

Improves Efficiency and Productivity

Regularly maintained farm machinery operates more efficiently, meaning tidier profits for your business. Tasks can be completed more effectively, which leads to an increase in productivity. With properly maintained equipment, farmers and agricultural workers can get the maximum results from their crops or livestock. 

Ensures Longevity of Machinery

Regular maintenance can greatly extend the life of farm equipment, which is a win-win for efficiency. By addressing issues quickly, farmers can prevent small problems from becoming more severe and avoid potentially costly damages. With new parts that are designed for Australia's harsh climates, our farm machinery can be operational for a longer period. This makes it a wise investment to go with. 

Ensures Safety

Poorly maintained machinery can pose a serious risk to the operators and other workers on the farm. Equipment that isn't functioning properly can lead to accidents or injuries, which no one wants. Regular inspections and part repairs ensure that machinery is safe to use during all times of the year. 

Reduces Downtime

Machinery breakdowns during critical farming periods and busy seasons can lead to significant delays. For example, if an agricultural machine breaks down during planting or harvesting, it can have a severe impact on the farm's productivity and profits. Spare part replacement can help avoid unexpected breakdowns and the downtime associated with them.

What Farm Machinery Parts Do Eastman Parts Offer?

You might be thinking, where can I get farm machinery parts near me?' At Eastman Parts, we offer a wide range of parts that come from a network of local suppliers. If there is a specific part you are looking for, let us know so we can source it for you. 

Here are some of the farm machinery parts we offer:

For all major agricultural machinery, you'll find we have the part for it. We offer robust solutions that are built to last. This is important for agricultural machinery, as the costs of replacing these machines are extremely high. 

When you make these purchases, you want machines that will last as long as possible. 

All of our parts are made for the tough Australian climate. They can put up with the heat and deal with dirt easily. Our parts keep your machinery going through thick and thin. 

What is Our Return Policy?

Our return policy is easy to use, even with large orders for large farm machine parts.  

Here's how it works: 

  • Offer returns within 14 days of the purchase date. We offer a refund minus the postage costs (even if it was free shipping, it still costs postage) 
  • Items damaged, faulty or incorrect upon arrival can be replaced by us, and the return postage costs.

If you need any assistance or want a specific farm machine part, contact us for more information. We have experience sourcing specific parts for customers with our network of local suppliers.


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