Tractor Seats

When it comes to maintenance for your tractor and agricultural vehicles, the tractor seat is usually the part that gets worn down the most. Nobody wants to be working in an uncomfortable tractor seat all day. 

That's why, at Eastman Parts, we provide high-quality tractor seats of every shape, design and size to fit your tractor and give you that comfortable ride for a hard day's work. 

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Types of Tractor Seats

Knowing which seat is the best for you can be a real hassle, so let's go over your options so you can replace or upgrade your tractor seat. 

Suspension Tractor Seats

Suspension tractor seats are designed to improve comfort for tractor use by using a built-in suspension system. This air-suspension seat is perfect for absorbing the rocks, bumps and dips that come with the rough terrain of Australia's outback and farmlands. 

Deep Dish Pan Seat

The deep dish pan tractor seats refer to a small tractor seat with a deep, contoured shape that resembles a dish. This design helps to secure you in place even when moving side to side and can fit most tractor models with ease. 

Flip-Forward Seat

The main feature of a flip-forward tractor seat, as you've probably guessed, is its ability to flip forward. This has some benefits, such as protecting the seat cushion from the rain and sun when not in use. It also provides easy access to your storage, drinks or machinery components beneath the seat. 

Choosing the Right Tractor Seat

Now that you know the types of tractor seats available, let's go over what aspects you should look for when you make your choice. 

The Right Material

When selecting the right tractor seat for you, it's important to know the available types of base and cover materials. Depending on whether you're in Queensland or down in Victoria, the weather and terrain will be pretty different, so think about your specific conditions and what resistances you’ll need. 

Does It Need To Be Adjustable?

An adjustable tractor seat provides more flexibility and comfort after a long day of operating a tractor. It allows you to adjust the seat position according to your preferences. If you've multiple workers using the vehicles, it's also useful to adjust to their sizes and weights so everyone gets the best ride.  

Keeping Comfortable

Proper lumbar support is excellent for keeping your back supported and rested. High backrests support the lower back and reduce the risk of back pain further down the line, or add support if you already have problems. Suspension options add to this comfort by absorbing the external shocks caused by rough terrain. 


For the installation process,  many seats are universal across a range of tractors and have various mounting positions. However, some modifications may be required to suit your particular tractors.


If you're not sure about which tractor seat is suitable for your vehicle, contact us at Eastman Parts to assist in selecting the right seat for your tractor, forklift or industrial machinery. 

Maintenance & Care for Your Tractor Seat

Caring for and maintaining a tractor seat is essential to keep it in top condition. You don't want to sit on something all day that's falling apart. 

Tractor seat maintenance involves the three rules of: 

  1. Regular cleaning
  2. Inspection
  3. Protection

To clean, just wipe down the seat with a damp cloth to remove dust and dirt, and use mild soap for stubborn stains. Remember to avoid harsh chemicals like bleach that can degrade materials. 

Benefits of Upgrading Your Tractor Seat


Upgrading to a new seat with suspension or a backrest gives you much-needed support and comfort throughout the day. It can also help reduce back pain and make your farm work easier, especially if you've been at it a while and deserve some comfort. 


Different seats fit different tractors. Getting one with a simple design means it's likely to be more suitable for a wider range of vehicles and tractors around Australia. 


The tractor may be going for another number of years, but seats get worn down very quickly. Improve the life of your tractor so you can keep it around for longer and save on agricultural costs. 

Contact us if you have any questions, and read about our return policy. If you decide that you would like to return it within 14 days of your purchase date, we offer a refund minus the postage costs as quickly as we can.


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